I have experience working with a broad range of clients, but I have been able to focus more on certain populations and topics. Click to find out more about how I approach work with these issues.

I have treated adults and adolescents struggling with issues related to sexual and gender identity, such as coming out, transitioning, family acceptance, depression, anxiety, and trauma. My goal is to alleviate feelings of isolation, depression, and rejection that can be associated with non-conforming gender and sexuality. I also work to help clients navigate physical expectations, masculine ideals, racism, and femme-phobia common within LGBTQ communities.

At the The Bella Vita residential treatment facility, I treated anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and body dysmorphia Using a combination of therapy techniques, I address distorted thinking and help clients unpack the social issues that contribute to eating disorders. I’ve conducted crisis intervention and addressed the suicidal thoughts that can accompany eating disorders. As LGBTQ adolescents and adults can be uniquely vulnerable to disordered eating, I’m sensitive to the intersection of these issues.

My experience includes treating teenagers and young adults with issues such as life transitions, academic pressure, family dynamics, trauma, depression, and anxiety. I’ve also aided adolescents with bullying, crisis intervention, and suicidal thoughts. Sensitive to the unique needs of teenagers, I focus on fostering a positive and validating environment. Creative activities like writing, poetry, and journaling are integrated into my therapeutic approach.

As kids often lack the language to express their emotions, I use creative techniques like games and art activities to identify and treat a variety of issues. With the knowledge that kids are often underestimated, I treat my young clients with respect and maturity. My experience involves treating ADHD and behavioral issues, and helping elementary and middle school children develop social skills. I also have specialized experience helping boys deal with issues related to masculine ideals, family expectations, gender and sexual identity, bullying, and suicidal thoughts.

I have worked with families to address issues such as parenting, family stress, and behavioral problems. In family work, I make a point to respect everyone equally and foster healthy communication within the family system. I also help families navigate LGTBQ issues, such as coming out and transitioning.

My background in painting, video, and digital media renders me uniquely able to help clients navigate the struggles of the creative process. I use a variety of techniques to help foster creativity, and aid clients in handling the difficult balance between art, work, and life.

I have experience treating adults, adolescents, and children who suffer from trauma stemming from family violence, child abuse, bullying, loss, domestic violence, and sexual abuse. Using Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, I help clients confront and work through past experiences in a safe environment.

My professional experience involves working with formerly incarcerated adults and youth, parolees and probationers, and families dealing with the incarceration of a family member. Knowledgeable about criminal justice issues and the restorative justice process, I am qualified to help families and individuals deal with the dehumanizing and traumatic impacts of the legal system. In particular, I’m attuned to how sexual and gender identity issues can compound this trauma.